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We offer generous discounts on our games sold direct to retailers, including special bundles that rotate to fit the season. Our retailer customers get access to items that aren't offered to general distributors, as well as our "Play It First" program!

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We adore our customers and would love to connect them to local shops. Check out where we have the most customers on this interactive map! It's password protected, but you can gain access through our newsletter or your retailer Shopify account. (For any issues, please contact our sales manager at


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Deep Water's always working on bringing you the next big game; we've got plenty of titles in the works, and we're so excited to tell you about them! Check out what's in store so you can plan ahead, and use our form to send us questions about the products!



We work hard to get helpful coverage for all our games, and we'd love to share! Between how-to-videos, reviews, and art assets, you'll have everything you need to understand, adore, and sell our titles