Deep Water is looking to Contract new developers

Thank you for your interest in working as a paid contract developer with Deep Water Games. Developers play an important role in taking an initial design and turning it into a finished product. This can involve balance testing, suggesting improvements, and even detailed playtesting. We have internal developers, but without additional sets of eyes on designs, we can miss critical mistakes.

We are excited to introduce new voices to the industry, so please don’t hesitate to submit, even if this would be your first time working with a publisher! We’re asking all potential developers to fill out this application for us to ensure that we give you the right game to develop. All completed submissions will be considered and put on file.

Name *
What are your preferred pronouns?
Who are you, and why do you want to develop games? What has been your journey in game design?
What is your favorite game mechanic? What game uses this mechanic best, and why? Provide an example of a game that does not use this mechanic properly, and how you would fix it.
Write an elevator pitch for the game design you’re most proud of. What was the biggest mechanical obstacle you overcame when designing the game? Describe the process you used and the solution that you came up with.
Have you helped another designer with their game? If you have, what was your approach to helping the designer find correct solutions? If you haven’t, consider the steps you would take to help the designer to correct solutions.