Game Design Competition



Deep Water Games is sponsoring a game design competition for a small, thematic card game! The contest will run from January 10th, 2018 to February 10th, 2018. The contest judges will evaluate submissions and determine the winner based on:

1) Fun Factor

2) Quality of Story

3) Adherence to Contest Rules

The winner will be notified by February 20th, 2018.  The winner will receive $100 and will be able to partner with us for the possibility of publication through Deep Water Games. 

Contest Rules:
Submissions should follow these guidelines
1) No more than 108 cards (including player aids, if necessary)
2) No more than two other small components. (i.e. Small bag of cubes, small player boards, etc.)
3) *MUST* play 2-5 players without additional rules (i.e. 2-player variants)
4) The story of the game must be written into the rules, AND the mechanics of the game must support that story.

Submissions are now closed!

Thank you everyone who entered! Winner will be announced by Feb 20th